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Personal Trainer Course

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The course in numbers

9 Modules
51 Lessons
97 Videos
27 Lectures
20-30 Mins lecture length
25+ Hours of content
90 Exercise demonstrations
130 Of the best exercise routines

Who is this course for?

  •    Anyone, who wants to become a Personal Trainer, specializing in High Intensity Training.
  •    Anyone, who is driven to help themselves and others to benefit from exercise.
  •    You must be at least 16 years of age if you want to attain HITuni certification.
  •    Of course you can still take the course, even if you don’t currently want to certify to train others, but still desire to have a deep understanding HIT for your own exercise and benefit.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know: from anatomy and physiology, to the code of ethics that will drive your business, High Intensity Training protocol built from the basics to advanced concepts, important legal issues around personal training and nutritional consulting, how to create routines, how to optimize both your own and your clients exercise, how to run sessions and interact with clients and much more.

And this all is provided to you via HITuni’s state of the art online user-friendly platform filled with video lectures, course notes, images, photos and exercise demonstrations.You need no prior qualification or even past experience to benefit from the course and you will get lifetime access, even after you have completed the course.

On successful completion of your examination, you will be certified by HITuni, to teach HIT to others.

Course benefits


Learning exercise, HIT and the supporting science from the ground up.


Easy to absorb information via video, voiceovers, photos, course notes, and scripts.


Quizzes at the end of each module to test your learning.


Access to interviews with industry experts.


Post questions and get answers to your questions at the end of each lesson.



Learn at your own pace and convenience.


Learn online from anywhere with Internet access, even on your phone or tablet.


Skype call with a member of the HITuni team to answer any pressing questions included.


Your purchase includes the cost of the exam, in-depth review of your video thesis training a client and certification.


Life-long access to the platform and your course material.


Course Overview

The nine modules of the PT course each consist of a series of lessons delivered via fast streaming video lectures with a presenter and visuals that engage the mind, giving you the best seat in the classroom.

The videos are backed up with in depth course notes and images that explain the video concepts in greater detail. At the start of each module, there are links provided to relevant research papers, recommended reading and other documents, to help you to expand your learning.

All dynamic exercises, including machine, free weight and bodyweight versions, are presented via video demonstrations with voiceovers. Static exercises are shown via still photographs and explanatory text.

Let's take a look at the modules of the Personal Trainer course in a little more detail:

After a welcome to the course, we’ll dive straight into Professionalism and Personal Training to discover an Ethical Code that will drive your success as a Personal Trainer, we’ll cover fundamental legal issues that you must be aware of, what your responsibilities to your clients really are, and how to adhere to health and safety concerns.

The next module is called the Benefits of Exercise and this is where we really start to present an overview of the physiological and psychological benefits both you and your clients will attain from HIT exercise and the results that are attainable from just 1-2, 12-20 minute workouts per week. This is valuable information and once you have absorbed it you will be able to concisely explain to potential clients how they will benefit from your expertise.

Having taken in this overview it is time to broaden and deepen your learning in the next module: The Human Body and Exercise. This is Anatomy and Physiology structured and delivered in a way that makes it easy to absorb. Your learning and understanding of this module will give you the underpinnings of knowledge that will make your understanding of the principles of HIT concrete. The foundations of HIT are built on anatomical and physiological science and this module explains the principles of A & P and how they relate to HIT practically.

The next module is The Science of HIT: Theory and Practice, this is perhaps the epicenter of the whole course. We start with an overview of HITuni’s HIT protocol in 25 points, and the rest of the module breaks down each of these points in detail. You will get from this module, a lot of practical knowledge about how to apply HIT, how to create routines from the micro-detail to the macro.

You’ve understood the theory and the concepts behind HIT's practical application, now you will need to learn the exercises that will enable you to flesh out real routines. Featuring individual video demonstrations of HITuni approved Dynamic exercises, including: 25 machine exercises, 24 free weight exercises and 17 bodyweight exercises. In addition to the videos there are photos with explanatory text for the HITuni approved Static exercises, including: 19 Timed Static Contraction exercises and 15 Adapted Static Hold exercises.

All the exercises are presented in 8 convenient bodypart sections, and further categorized by equipment choice, for easy reference and learning.

No matter what equipment you’ll be training your clients with; machines, free weights or bodyweight: you’ll be able to exercise them effectively.

In this module you will also benefit from our encyclopedic Routine Directory featuring over 120 High Intensity Training routines, equal attention is given to routines for machines, routines for free weights and routines for bodyweight. There are introductory and beginner routines, intermediate routines, advanced routines, body part specialization routines and even split routines. When looking for workout design inspiration or a suitable "off-the-peg" routine, this is your first port of call.

In the Advanced Training Techniques I module, you’ll learn the 4 most valuable Advanced Training Techniques in HIT, how to apply them, the exact circumstances in which they should be used, and with which clients. Each advanced technique is presented via its own video demonstration with voiceover and accompanying detailed notes.

Advanced Training Techniques covered:

  • Rep Assist/Forced Repetitions
  • Drop Sets
  • Rest Pause
  • Adapted Static Holds

In Working With Clients you will gain valuable insight into how to practically work with clients. We will take you through environment and equipment considerations, and what you will need to get started whether your budget is in the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more!

You will learn exactly how to run appointments like an expert from the start, and have the guesswork taken out of interacting with clients. You will have access to exclusive video footage recorded live of a full introductory appointment from welcoming the client, to teaching the exercises, to ending the appointment. These videos condense over a decade's worth of experience of introducing clients to High Intensity Training; from enabling the client to understand HIT from the outset, to doing and saying what is needed to ensure that they become a long-term client.You'll then learn how to select initial weight loads for new clients.

We then go beyond the introductory appointment to look at how you should run and teach regular clients' appointments including how you should behave during the client's workout and how to coach effectively. You'll learn how to start an appointment, how to instruct throughout the workout and how to end the appointment. You will discover what information you need to track, how to record it and where to keep that information.

We'll then take a closer look at progression on the week-by-week basis, when load increases are needed, and appropriate transitioning of clients from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels.

Included in this module are 17 written scripts that you will use as templates for addressing exercise concepts with clients, along with a list of the 45 most important and effective verbal cues to use whilst the client is exercising. Also included is the official HITuni workout tracking sheet that you can use on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, or even print out if you prefer to use a pencil!

The Introduction to Special Populations module covers the special population clients that are most likely to contact you and the concerns and special considerations you should make for these clients. You will learn which are the conditions where exercise is contraindicated and under which circumstances it may be appropriate to refer these potential clients on to another professional.

Then we will take a closer look at some of the most common Special Population groups that you may want to work with including:

  • Injured individuals and rehabilitation
  • Senior citizens
  • Clients with heart disease
  • Clients on medication
  • Athletes

The final module of the PT course is our in-depth nutrition module, this will give you a strong understanding of human nutrition, and nutrition that supports exercise and good health.

Although this course is primarily about exercise, a discipline and area of study that stands on its own merits, in the real world of personal training and working with clients it is also valuable to have a fundamental grasp of sound nutritional principles.

Many clients commence exercise as part of a holistic desire to improve not only their wellbeing but also they way they look, and losing body fat often plays fundamental role in this aspect. Additionally sound nutrition plays an important role in supporting and optimizing the benefits a client can attain from intense exercise in general. This module will give you an an understanding of nutrition that you will be able to impart to your clients where appropriate.

You will learn everything you need to know to pass on practical advice to clients whether their primary goal is to reduce bodyfat, increase lean tissue or simply to eat more healthfully.

Feedback on the PT course

I am thoroughly impressed. The depth, attention to detail, quality, and presentation of the materials are unparalleled.

Dr James Steele

Associate Professor in Applied Sport Sciences at Southampton Solent University

Thank you for the work you have done with HITuni.com, providing a resource for those who want training and certification as well as a venue for teaching.

Dr Doug McGuff

Author of Body by Science

I'm hoping around, back-and-forth, to different parts of this, and skimming, and watching snippets of the videos, and I am absolutely blown away. This is really, really, great stuff. it seems as though you've knocked it out of the park!

Blair Wilson

HIT trainer and owner of MedX Precision Fitness

I have spent the afternoon going through this module (Professionalism and Personal Training) and have been very impressed by the comprehensive introduction to the course, particularly around the governance and WHS aspects of running a business, I currently work in WHS (Workplace Health and Safety)...Read more

Nigel Docker

HITuni Certified Personal Trainer

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When working as a HIT personal trainer, you shape your career path.

You choose how to train your clients; using free weights, body weight or exercise equipment, at the client’s or at your location.

And because each workout is so time efficient, you choose how much or how little you want to work.

$799 | Take this course

Course materials

  •    All the information you need to complete the course and pass the examination is provided within the course on the HITuni platform.
  •    In addition, we highly recommend that you purchase our recommended cutting edge Anatomy and Physiology app, but you are free to use an A&P book of your own, or other app if you already have one. This is the only essential addition to the course, everything else is provided by the course itself.
  •    We do have a recommended reading list of books and research papers that will support your learning, although these are not essential to taking the course, or passing the exam.
  •    The other thing you are going to need is your notebook.

Do you have a question? Ask away.