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Totalling over 14 hours. 38 of these videos providing over 6.5 hours of viewing are 100% exclusive to this course. Videos are organized into 4 key modules and 30 individual lessons, each presented with supporting notes. Providing you with both the optimal flow and the required context to learn effectively.


Page PDF Guide

Exclusive to this course: a key quick-start presentation of John Little's favored onboarding to the Mentzer approach. Covering the essential training principles and providing a thorough how-to practical guide. Getting you started on the road to muscle and strength gain success straight away.


Page Exclusive Book*

The Mike Mentzer Question and Answer Book. Collated from the John Little archives your most pertinent questions about Mike Mentzer's approach to exercise answered. Never before published and exclusive to this course. *Delivered as a pdf e-book


Minutes Exclusive Documentary

Go behind the scenes at probably the most controversial Mr. Olympia ever held: the 1980 Mr. Olympia, Sydney, Australia. Hear from the competitors involved and the journalists that covered it and find out why Mike Mentzer really walked away from the shadowy world of competitive bodybuilding forever.

About Mike Mentzer: Herculean Physique, Professorial Mind


A boy from Ephrata, Pennsylvania who dreamed of becoming the world’s greatest bodybuilder

A pre-med student who launched his bodybuilding career by blowing away the competition at the regional and state level

Mr America winner

The first man to win Mr Universe with a perfect score

Mr Olympia Heavyweight division winner

Arnold’s 1980 inspiration or his greatest fear?

A truth telling iconoclast who could not and would not turn a blind eye to corruption in the industry he loved

A radical philosopher

"The thinking man's bodybuilder"

One man willing to stand up and defy an industry

A breath of fresh air that swept through the musty corridors of bodybuilding commercialism


Mike's life is an example of the fact that you don't have to be born perfect. As John Little explains, with Mike we have a different story. We have a person that went through a lot of hardship. We have a person that went through mental illness, we have a person that went through drug dependency, we have a person who at one point was living in abject poverty.

On the flip side, we have a guy who ascended the highest heights of bodybuilding, who made and probably went through several million dollars in a lifetime of following his passion. A man who owned two houses, a Jaguar sportscar, a man who was a colour commentator on CBS and ABC Sports, two of the largest networks in North America. A man who stepped outside bodybuilding and competed against the world's greatest athletes in the Superstars competition. A man who refined bodybuilding exercise by formulating a fully integrated system that would go on to be known around the globe.

No matter where you are in your life currently you will probably relate to and benefit from at least some part of Mike’s story.


Mike possessed a professorial mind in a Herculean physique. That combination just doesn't exist until Mike comes on the bodybuilding scene. And is a key reason not only his image, but his message still resonates today.
While the "packaging" of Mike Mentzer the physique is attractive, the real value is the substance and wisdom inside.
Mike was prepared to speak his truth in an industry that frequently thrives on deception.
He underpinned his conclusions on bodybuilding exercise via classical Greek philosophy: refining valid premises, then applying rigorous logic and uprooting contradictions to reach valid conclusions.
As well as being an experiment of one in himself, John Little explains Mike trained over 2000 individuals to test his hypothesis and refine his application and presentation of bodybuilding exercise.
Mike did train drug assisted athletes, but far more of his clients were completely drug free. The case is made that the data he accumulated is particularly meaningful for those who choose not to use anabolics.
John Little provides a clear map detailing Mike's most effective routes to the end goal of muscle mass gain.


You value logic, reason, integrity, and economy of time, and you recognize that you have but a finite amount of time on this earth to achieve your goals.

Mike’s work contains a great number of truly valuable insights as opposed to the “pump it up”, “just lift bro”, “more volume”, “tren hard”, and “no pain no gain” maxim's that many of today's bodybuilders and fitness influencers spout, irrespective of whether their advice such as it is, is producing any real gains for those who follow them.

Gain the benefits of mental and physical discipline that will help carry you through life.


In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these two means, a person can attain perfection.

- Plato

The value of taking this course


Learn about Mike and his methods from his co-author and friend, John Little.


Mike's insights essentialized, contextualized, analyzed and elaborated on.


Learn why, when and for whom Mike recommended a) four workouts a week and six sets per exercise, b) one to two sets per muscle group every 3-4 days, c) two total sets once every seven days.


Mike's advice can be separated into useful categories: for bodybuilding competition, for training while using anabolic agents, for individual’s with poor recovery ability and for those with a regular working lifestyle.


Learn how several of Mike’s key changes in thinking came only when he started to train regular people.


Avoid the online confusion about Mike’s advice that has permeated since his death, forwarded by individual’s who lack both context and nuance to understand Mike's teachings. Get the message and context from the man who was close to Mike from 1980 onwards.


Figure out where you fit on the continuum of tolerance to exercise and on Mike's various guidelines to workout programming. John Little explains the goal is to discover the minimal amount of exercise required for you to stimulate an optimal adaptive response.


If you have an average or low tolerance to intense exercise, but intense exercise is the required stimulus to cause your body to adapt by growing bigger and stronger muscles, then you need to regulate your exposure to that stimulus. Everyone's a little different in this respect, some can take more volume, some less. Some can train more frequently, some cannot. Mike’s methodology gets you proactive about how to navigate and master your own personal terrain.

Course Overview

Here is a brief overview of the course structure, including lessons per module, and fantastic bonus materials exclusive to this HITuni course:

Lessons included in this module:

Mike’s family and upbringing

Adversity & Adaptation ’77-‘79

Two Bodybuilders: Mike and Arnold

Arnold’s ’80 Olympia entry

1980 Olympia and corruption in bodybuilding

1980 Olympia judging panel

Questioning other contest results

Boycotting the ’81 Olympia


Friendship with John Little

Muscle magazines

Famous clients

Lessons included in this module:

How Mike Trained as a Young Man: Mike’s Very First Routine

How Mike trained for bodybuilding competitions

The Arthur Jones influence

The hidden damage of bodybuilding

Lessons included in this module:

A coherent theory of exercise

One Valid Theory

Mike’s Contribution: Applied Thinking, Essential Concepts and Derivatives

Genetics, Adaptation, Frequency

Why high volume training is prevalent

Famous Volume Trainees ultimately reduce volume

The frequency HIT trainers default to

Commercial interests vs Mike Mentzer

Lessons included in this module:

A passion for the mind

Mentzer Rising: Mindset of Progress

HIT trainers overstepping their bounds

Mike’s philosophical thinking and development

The proper context of exercise in a fulfilling life

Mike's Fiction Writing

Bonus materials included in the course

What Really Happened at the 1980 Mr Olympia Contest? An exclusive, 80 minute video documentary about the events surrounding the controversial 1980 Mr Olympia contest, Mike’s final bodybuilding competition. Produced and edited by John Little, featuring insights from the competitors and others who were there that day.

The Integrated Man Available for the first time ever, Mike’s final piece of writing before his death was a fictional short story titled “The Integrated Man”, detailing the experiences of a young bodybuilder who fully embodies the essence of Mike’s philosophy of life. John Little presents a 56 minute animated feature of The Integrated Man voiced by professional actors.

The Athens Symposium A 74 minute video featuring John Little and Simon Shawcross’ in-depth discussion of Mike’s life, work, perspectives, message and his twin passions: bodybuilding and philosophy. Filmed on the last night of a pilgrimage to mainland Greece following in the footsteps of Mike’s philosophical heroes including Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

The Mike Mentzer Question and Answer Book (pdf format) A 340 page previously unpublished book exclusive to this course. Written by John Little in 2023 and featuring original insights and answers to your practical training questions from Mike Mentzer. Essential reading for your successful application of Mike's bodybuilding methodology. With a foreword by famed bodybuilding writer Jack Neary.

The Mike Mentzer System An essential 36 page presentation fully explaining the concepts behind Mike's approach and how to put them into practice with specific exercises and clear details of the routines likely to prove optimal for the greatest number of trainees. We suggest that on completion of this course that you begin training by starting with the routine outlined in this specific presentation.



How we developed this course

Multiple hours spent every week for over two years with John Little, Mike’s closest living friend, his co-author and his biographer.

Exclusive unlimited access to John Little’s archive of rare and unreleased Mike Mentzer materials and personal artefacts.

Videos edited down from over 150 hours of raw interview footage, covering; Mike's life, career, theories, experiences, and intellect from every possible angle.

Long days exploring and late nights of deep conversation in Athens, Piraeus, Thermopylae, and Delphi, Greece as we go to the heartlands of Mike’s classical inspiration, culminating in the filmed presentation: The Athens Symposium.

Your instructor: John Little


Co-author of High Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way, The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer and Body By Science.


John met Mike for the first time several months prior to the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest.
John attended Mike’s seminars recording them on tape for posterity and developed a close friendship with Mike that lasted for over 20 years.
John remained a friend and was there for Mike during not only his best days but also his darkest days.
Mike wrote the foreword to John’s book and John wrote the foreword to Mike’s book. They trusted each other, understood each other, and most importantly fully understood each other's methodology when it came to training.
John collaborated with Mike on his final book, and they constantly communicated and tested their ideas around exercise. John and Mike shared passions for bodybuilding, knowledge and the study of philosophy.
John continued writing Mike’s column in Ironman magazine for eight years after Mike passed.
No other living person has these qualifications to pass on Mike’s wisdom.
John is passionate about Mike’s story, wisdom and message and is determined for Mike Mentzer's legacy to continue to benefit the world.


My interest in exercise science is a direct result of Mike Mentzer.

My interest in philosophy is a direct result of Mike Mentzer and I went to school for philosophy.

My views on nutrition are a direct result of Mike.

In the role of philosophic consistency in dealing with mental health issues, Mike threw off a lot of sparks.

I'm not alone there's a lot of people that that learned a lot from Mike and drew inspiration from Mike, including Doug McGuff who went into medicine as a result of learning that Mike had been a pre-med student.

Your instructor: Simon Shawcross


Founder, HITuni


I first made contact with Mike in Fall of 1999, it came at a critical time for myself as I had just finished my honors degree at university during which time I had developed a passion for strength training. Mike quickly became a much-valued guide for me in both strength training and philosophical thought.
Mike at heart was a student, a bodybuilder, a philosopher, and a teacher, he was an inspiration to me, to John Little and to countless others, some of whom were lucky enough to train with Mike in person, others to consult with him via phone, and multitudes more who waited to read his column each week in Ironman Magazine. It is my hope that with this course Mike Mentzer and most importantly his message will be an inspiration to you too.
Without Mike Mentzer, I would not have walked this path.

Do you have a question? Ask away.