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Do-It-Yourself: HIT for Health


The course in numbers

8 Info-packed lessons
5 Engaging video lectures
34 Essential exercise demonstrations
9 Of the best workout routines

Get as fit as you can in just 20-40 minutes a week
Get healthful with our science-based exercise protocol
Get toned in the safest, most effective and efficient way

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Whether you feel that you have never been athletic or you think you are an outright exercise pro, you can have the benefits of performing HIT for Health! In many ways, HIT for Health is an equal opportunities approach to exercise. It is only as challenging as you are capable of making it, at any stage of your developing fitness.

HIT doesn’t discriminate against age; it doesn’t matter whether you are in your teens or your eighties or anywhere in-between. HIT matches your current strength level and ability and scales up as you develop (and yes you can develop even in your senior years!). HIT for Health is appropriate for both men and women.

Our approach to High Intensity Training focuses not only on producing results but also on doing so safely, so you can enjoy your results now and later on in life. We all know someone who in their enthusiasm for fitness has injured themselves doing something incorrectly. Don’t let that be you! Learn how to master safe productive exercise to develop a body and physique you can rely on.

Learn how to apply the most efficient exercise protocol, effectively and safely today.


Why take the DIY: HIT for Health course?

Little time investment

DIY: HIT for Health requires about 20 minutes per workout and we recommend that in general you exercise once or twice a week. So, that’s a grand time investment of 20-40 minutes a week… 20-40 minutes a week to optimize your fitness, health and physical appearance.

No matter if you have some exercise experience or none at all, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of exercise in record time.

Flexible equipment
Our science-based exercises can be performed using any type of equipment:

  • To perform the bodyweight-focused routines, you will need a doorway chin bar, an exercise mat, a yoga block and a yoga belt.
  • To perform the free weight-focused routines, you will need the same items as above and access to a set of dumbbells.
  • To perform the machine-focused routines you will need access to a multi gym or a gym with exercise machines.

Your personal trainer

This course is the closest thing to having a Personal Trainer, and the great thing is you don’t have to travel anywhere and you’ll get the entire course for an investment that is less than the cost of 2 personal training appointments.

Simon, your DIY: HIT for Health course tutor has been a Personal Trainer specializing in teaching this approach to exercise since 2000. We are confident you can benefit from all the knowledge and practical insight that Simon has accumulated over tens of thousands of personal training appointments.

Instant online access

Access the course from anywhere, anytime and learn at your pace and your convenience.

All you need is your computer/laptop/tablet or phone and internet connection to access the online platform and the course.

Course Overview

We have spent a lot of time focused on refining the content of this course for you, so that it is easy to understand and absolutely clear how to apply it and get started right away.

The course is structured over 8 lessons, each of which consists of a video lecture or video demonstrations and accompanying notes that support and expand on the video content.

Here is a brief description of all of the lessons that make up the course:

In the first lesson, we establish a common understanding of exercise with you. We encourage you to discover your real motivation to exercise and set clear expectations for the outcome you desire to achieve. We also explain why you need high intensity resistance exercise in your life.

Next, we discuss how high intensity exercise impacts your body and its systems in an easy-to-understand way, specifically:

  • The muscular system
  • The skeletal system
  • The cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • The digestive system and the metabolism
  • The nervous system
  • The endocrine system

In this lesson, we give you a flash course in anatomy and physiology, focusing on the essential information you'll need in the course. We explain how HIT either stimulates growth or prevents loss throughout life, from childhood through to your senior years. We look briefly into how we use our muscles and the principles of muscular action, and then we give you some key practical considerations to keep in mind when applying exercise.

After the three introductory lessons, we dive straight into the High Intensity Training workout, the fundamentals and essentials. Specifically, we present:

  • How to apply high intensity exercise appropriately
  • How many exercises to perform
  • The goal of each exercise and achieving Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF)
  • The length of a workout
  • The optimal speed of movement (cadence)
  • How long to rest between exercises
  • The frequency of exercising
  • Considerations for applying the protocol depending on whether you will use machines, free weights or just bodyweight

In the last theoretical lesson, we discuss exercise technique, including positioning of your body and mental focus, and various performance aspects. We explain how to refine your workouts for optimal results over time, when to apply the specific routines of this course as you develop and how to make sure you avoid under training and overtraining.

As the lesson title suggests, here we look at exercises performed on machines. We take you through step-by-step positioning and application of each exercise with our exercise technique demonstration videos and give you three routines you can perform on machines.

As the lesson title suggests, here we look at exercises performed using free weights. We take you through step-by-step positioning and application of each exercise with our exercise technique demonstration videos and give you three routines you can perform using dumbbells.

As the lesson title suggests, here we look at exercises performed using your own bodyweight. We take you through step-by-step positioning and application of each exercise with our exercise technique demonstration videos and give you three routines you can perform using your bodyweight.

Is this course for you?

Do It Yourself: HIT for Health is a program for life. It is addressed to you, if you are looking to:

  • Gain greater strength for living
  • Awaken your cells
  • Increase metabolic rate and fat burning
  • Build healthy muscle tissue
  • Improve your physical appearance
  • Increase bone mass and prevent bone loss
  • Become more injury resistant
  • Improve the strength and health of your joints
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Improve posture and muscular imbalances throughout your entire body
  • Improve your cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Improve your blood pressure
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase your ability to handle physical challenge
  • Ensure healthy hormonal release

Understand the science behind the HIT exercise protocol and the impact it will have on your body

Learn essential training techniques, using bodyweight, free weights or exercise machines

Consult with Master Personal Trainer, Simon Shawcross in a 30-minute Q&A session and get all your questions answered

$99 | Take this course

New to High Intensity Training?

High Intensity Training (HIT) is the safest, most efficient and effective way to exercise.

An effective HIT workout will usually consist of between five and eight exercises each of which will target a chain of muscles or a specific muscle. When put together the exercises performed in any one workout will also address the body as a whole unit.

Your one or two 20 minute workouts per week will stimulate your physiology to be its best possible version of itself. What you do with the benefits of that is then up to you.

     5-8 exercises that target the body as a whole
     20 minutes per workout
     Once or twice per week

Do you have a question? Ask away.