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CPD HIT (Continuing Professional Development)

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The course in numbers

4 Modules
27 Lessons
48 Videos
13 Lectures
20-30 Mins lecture length
51 Exercise demonstrations
63 Of the best exercise routines

Who is this course for?

  •    Personal trainers, gym instructors, physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractics, etc. who hold a recognized qualification or certification.
  •    Anyone else, who desires to have a deep understanding HIT for their own exercise and benefit. Note however you will not be eligible to receive the HITuni CPD Certificate unless you hold a qualification or certification in a physical related discipline-see above.
  •    You must be at least 16 years of age if you want to attain HITuni CPD Certification.

You already have the anatomy and physiology knowledge and the many of the skills required to work with clients in the exercise field.

Whether you are a newly qualified gym instructor or a veteran personal trainer, you are ready to grow your skillset, expand and future-proof your Physical Training business with science and evidence-based resistance exercise that can provide results for both you and your clients.

With this course, you will acquire the knowledge and the confidence to put theory into practice. You’ll learn everything you need to know: a code of ethics that will drive help to drive your business, the High Intensity Training protocol built from foundational basics up to advanced concepts, how to perform and teach the exercises, how to create routines, and how to optimise both your own and your clients’ exercise .

And this all is provided to you via HITuni’s state of the art online, user-friendly platform that is filled with video lectures, course notes, images, photos and exercise demonstrations.

Please note that to be eligible to be awarded with the HITuni CPD Certification on successful completion of the course, you will need a prior personal trainer or gym instructor certificate, or alternatively a qualification in a related physical discipline that covers anatomy and physiology such as: physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, etc. You will need to scan and email this to us on completion of your final HITuni CPD exam. Of course if you are just interested in HIT for yourself and don’t want to get certified you are also welcome to take the course, you just wont be eligible to receive the Certificate.

On successful completion of your examination, you will be certified by HITuni to teach High Intensity Resistance Exercise to your existing and future clients.


Why offer HIT to your clients?

Offer the best training regime
High Intensity Resistance Exercise has been shown to provide all the benefits that longer and more complex protocols aim to achieve and provides cardiovascular fitness improvement to the same degree as traditional cardio training. You can make a real change in people’s fitness levels, by offering a type of exercise, that is safe, effective and time efficient.

Spend less time per session
A huge benefit for you is that the clients you train in this manner are only going to take up 30 minutes of your diary time once or twice a week. This means that you will be able to fit more clients and appointments into your weekly schedule. This also spreads your risk because if one client leaves or drops out for a period of time, it is no longer such a big deal- your not suddenly losing 3 or more hours worth of revenue a week when someone moves on. Additionally you’ll find that once you’ve introduced clients to High Intensity Resistance Exercise they will become addicted to it – they will love the efficiency, the effectiveness, the buzz and the physical results.

Expand your target audience
One of the many great aspects of this type of exercise is that it can be applied to men, women, children, seniors and athletes with equal effectiveness. It is also an ideal form of exercise for cash rich busy professionals, who don’t have the time or inclination to commit to 3 or more, hour long gym sessions a week. You will be able to deliver to these individuals an exercise service that is time efficient, effective and that works for them, fitting their lifestyle: enabling them to finally adhere to a fitness protocol.

Own your local niche

You may well be able to dominate a niche in your geographic location, the market for this type of exercise is growing and the field is yours for the taking. Just bring your passion for exercise and a active mind and we will deliver all the information you need to know to be able to teach High Intensity Resistance Exercise effectively, via our unique online platform which you will have lifelong access to, even after you have completed the course and passed the exam.

Course Overview

The four modules of the CPD course each consist of a series of lessons delivered via fast streaming video lectures with a presenter and visuals that engage the mind, giving you the best seat in the classroom.

The videos are backed up with in depth course notes and images that explain the video concepts in greater detail. At the start of each module, there are links provided to relevant research papers, recommended reading and other documents, to help you to expand your learning.

All dynamic exercises, including machine, free weight and bodyweight versions, are presented via video demonstrations with voiceovers. Static exercises are shown via still photographs and explanatory text. Let’s take a look at the modules of the CPD course in a little more detail:

This first module is an ideal bridge between your current knowledge of exercise and personal training and the specifics of High Intensity Resistance Exercise.

Some of the ideas and concepts we cover here you may already be familiar with, others will likely be new and exciting. In this module we cover the foundations of what it take to provide an excellent HIT related service to your clients, we introduce you to the HITuni Code of Ethics, we detail specific considerations for the exercise environment you offer your services from, and equipment choices that are suitable for HIT.

This will help you to transition smoothly into providing High Intensity Resistance Exercise.

The next module is The Science of HIT: Theory and Practice, this is perhaps the epicenter of the whole course.

We start with an overview of HITuni’s HIT protocol in 25 points, and the rest of the module breaks down each of these points in great detail. You will get from this module, a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about how to apply HIT with clients, and how to create routines: everything from the micro-detail to the macro.

You’ve understood the theory and the concepts behind HIT’s practical application; now you will need to learn or refine your understanding of the exercises that will enable you to flesh out real routines. Featuring individual video demonstrations of HITuni approved Dynamic exercises, including:

  • 17 machine exercises
  • 16 free weight exercises
  • 12 bodyweight exercises

In addition to the videos there are photos with explanatory text for the HITuni approved Static exercises, including:

  • 12 Timed Static Contraction exercises
  • 11 Adapted Static Hold exercises

All the exercises are presented in 8 convenient body-part sections, and further categorized by equipment choice, for easy reference and learning. No matter what equipment you train your clients with; machines, free weights or bodyweight: you’ll be able to exercise them effectively. In this module, you will also benefit from our encyclopaedic Routine Directory featuring 63 High Intensity Training routines, equal attention is given to routines for machines, routines for free weights and routines for bodyweight. There are introductory and beginner routines, intermediate routines, advanced routines, body part specialization routines and even split routines. When looking for workout design inspiration or a suitable “off-the-peg” routine, this is your first port of call.

In the Advanced Training Techniques I module, you’ll learn the 4 most valuable Advanced Training Techniques in High Intensity Resistance Exercise, how to apply them, the exact circumstances in which they should be used, and with which clients. Each advanced technique is presented via its own video demonstration with voiceover and accompanying detailed notes. Advanced Training Techniques covered:

  • Rep Assist/Forced Repetitions
  • Drop Sets
  • Rest Pause
  • Adapted Static Holds

Student's experience of the course

First of all, I want to say I love the program. I haven’t done any other certification or any other type of education that has been as all encompassing as this has been. The HITuni course gave me more coaching tools and tips to refresh my training of clients and actually my interest as well. I've logged tens of thousands of hours training clients since I started in 2005, and this course was great for the advancement of my career. Specifically, the course taught me how important​ and...Read more

Greg Viland

HITuni Certified Trainer, Iconic Trainer at Discover Strength

I think you did a beautiful job. I am really impressed with it. I felt the value of the investment. I am extremely satisfied with it. I wrote Dr Doug McGuff and said I am on the fence about doing this and his response was ‘Don’t do this to get a certification. Do this for your own personal knowledge and I highly recommend Simon’s program.Read more

Jonathan Kaufman

HITuni Certified Trainer and owner of Everyday Fitness Guru

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Course benefits

Easy to absorb information via video, voiceovers, photos, course notes, and scripts.

Quizzes at the end of each module to test your learning.

Learn at your own pace and convenience.

Learn online from anywhere with Internet access, even on your phone or tablet.

Post questions and get answers to your questions at the end of each lesson.

Skype call with a member of the HITuni team to answer any pressing questions included.

Your purchase includes the cost of the exam and certification.

Life-long access to the platform and your course material.

$399 | Take this course

Course materials

  •    All the information you need to complete the course and pass the examination is provided within the course on the HITuni platform.
  •    In addition, we do provide a recommended reading list of books and research papers that will support your learning, although these are not essential to taking the course, or passing the exam.
  •    The only thing you are going to need is your notebook.

Do you have a question? Ask away.