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What is HITuni?

HITuni is a modular e-learning course provider specialising in High Intensity Training for Personal Trainers and those wishing to become Personal Trainers.

Due to a combination of demand and a lack of quality in certification programs in the fields of High Intensity Training, we have dedicated the last three years developing top quality courses that will educate fitness professionals and enable them to train individuals in the safest manner.


Our vision is to:

  • Make exercise safe, efficient, effective and available to everyone, whether they are 12 or 90 years old.
  • Educate a far greater audience about High Intensity Training and its benefits to the body.
  • Produce the most competent Personal Trainers in the world and equip them with the skills to change the fitness industry and peoples’ lives.


To realise our vision, we provide the most complete and thorough education focusing on both the theory and practical application of exercise, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, as well as nutrition, stress management and psychology. We also offer business, marketing, stress management and psychology as part of our Master Personal Trainer course, for those wishing to start their own personal training business.

At HITuni, we are passionate about High Intensity Exercise and passionate about the success of our qualified Personal Trainers. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from the best in the industry and to create a very successful business for yourself, as your own boss in a rapidly growing market.


If you are new to HITuni or this type of exercise, have a look at the following articles and videos:

Meet the team

The core team at HITuni includes founders Simon Shawcross and Ioanna Koliou.

Simon is one the UK’s leading High Intensity Personal Trainers and co-author of several health and wellbeing related books. Ioanna is a digital media native, with extensive experience in web development, graphic design, video production and digital marketing.


Additional contributors to the course so far include:

  • Dr Doug McGuff, co-author of Body by Science and the world’s foremost High Intensity Training author and speaker
  • James Steele BSc (Hons), Associate Lecturer at the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sport Science at Southampton Solent University
  • Drew Baye, expert HIT Trainer and author
  • Arno Parvianen, CEO David Health Solutions, Equipment Designer
  • Edward Harrison, Personal Trainer and Owner of Vital Exercise
  • Thomas Nienstedt, Doctor of Chiropractic, CSCS, FIAMA
  • Jimmy Moore, Nutrition and Health Blogger at livinlavidalowcarb.com


The HITuni difference

High Intensity Training is both the present and future of safe exercise for the mass market and we are the first global training provider, using exclusively online delivery, with a HIT specialisation. We can give you the competitive edge you need.


We have the best in the field

Our courses are designed with the contribution of Exercise and Sport Scientists, Doctors, Authors, Master Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, University Researchers and even Exercise Equipment Designers and Health Bloggers. We have gathered the knowledge and expertise from leading authorities in High Intensity Training, like Dr Doug McGuff and James Steele and we have condensed this knowledge and experience into easy to learn information packed modules.

Our courses have also been inspired by the work of:

  • Arthur Jones
  • Ellington Darden
  • Ben Bocchicchio
  • Ken Hutchins
  • Mike Mentzer
  • Doug McGuff
  • John R. Little
  • Wayne Westcott
  • James Steele
  • James Fisher
  • Bill DeSimone
  • Drew Baye
  • Skyler Tanner
  • Brian Johnston
  • Matt Bryzcki
  • Bob Hoffman

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We offer a fun online learning experience

Our courses are delivered online through our website, where you can learn via a variety of multimedia materials at your own pace and convenience. Our video presentations are created with the aim of simulating a classroom environment and making learning fun. Online support is provided to our student community, as well as discussion forum to connect with other HITuni Trainers. Complete immersion learning is our forte.

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We consider it our business to make you the best in the fitness industry

With HITuni, we want to pass on years of experience in this type of exercise and provide our students with the best tools to succeed in the fitness industry. From the science of the body to client acquisition and retention to day-to-day solutions to situations you haven’t even thought of, to managing and marketing your business. We make sure we have got everything covered, because to achieve our vision, we need you to succeed.

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Our courses

By drawing on the latest science, top academics and the practical knowledge of highly successful Personal Trainers our courses are peerless.

We will be offering four courses that will be available on our website by early 2015.


1. Master Personal Trainer Course

The Master Personal Trainer Course is a comprehensive course, which will equip you with advanced personal training skills. This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology, the science and principles of High Intensity Training, nutrition, motivation and stress management, as well as giving you all the necessary tools to work with diverse audiences, and manage and market your business for sustainable success. With the Master level certification, you will be able to provide an elite personal training service and run a successful business as a HITuni Master Personal Trainer.

The course is eligible to anyone, interested in this type of training, without past experience or any prior personal training qualification required. This course includes final exams and upon successful completion, you will be certified to teach High Intensity Training to others.

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2. Personal Trainer Course

The Personal Trainer Course will equip you with the most essential knowledge and skillsets for the application of High Intensity Training. You can expect to learn the anatomy and physiology of the body, the scientific research on which the High Intensity Training protocol is based and advanced training techniques. You can expect to learn how to work with clients, what kind of nutritional advice you may offer to them and what you need to do to get your personal training business up and running. With this certification, you will be able to work as a HIT Personal Trainer, privately or at a gym.

The course is eligible to anyone, interested in this type of training, without past experience or any prior personal training qualification required. This course includes final exams and upon successful completion, you will be certified to teach High Intensity Training to others.

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3. CPD HIT: Continuing Professional Development: A specialisation on High Intensity Training

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course is for existing qualified personal trainers to update their skillset and become well versed in High Intensity Training. You can expect to dive deep into the science of HIT and learn advanced training techniques, using body weight, free weights and machine training equipment. Also, you will learn how to work with clients and special populations, specifically focused on the application of High Intensity Training principles.

This course is eligible to any qualified personal trainer, with knowledge of anatomy and physiology and experience of training others. This course includes final exams and upon successful completion, you will be certified to teach High Intensity Training to others.

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4. DIY HIT: Do-It-Yourself

Do-It-Yourself HIT (DIY HIT) is a practical video-based course in High Intensity Training for individuals, who want to learn how to apply the principles of HIT in their own training. You can expect to gain an understanding of the science behind this training protocol and the impact it will have on your body. You can also expect to learn essential training techniques, using body weight, free weights or exercise machines.

This course will not include a final exam and you will not be certified to teach High Intensity Training to others.

Course delivery

All courses will be delivered via our website in a modular format. The modules include:

  • Video lectures
  • Video demonstrations
  • Course notes
  • Research papers
  • Recommended reading
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Mini-quizzes

Under each lesson, you will be able to ask questions, to clarify anything on that particular lesson, as well see questions and answers from other students and our integrated Wikipedia search allows you to look for anything you need more information on.

Upon successfully completing all the modules, you will be required to take a final exam in order to get certified with HITuni – note that we don’t provide certification for the DIY HIT course, as this course is addressed to individuals, who want to apply HIT to themselves.

Learn more about the learning experience


Your time with HITuni

When you purchase a course with HITuni, you get lifelong access to our platform, so that you can complete the course, as fast or as slow you choose to, and refer back to the course content, as you please. Your time, as a student, with HITuni will be divided among various learning activities:

  • 40%: Video lectures
  • 20%: Course notes
  • 15%: Recommended reading (includes books, research papers)
  • 10%: Mini-quizzes
  • 10%: Final exam (includes final test, video thesis, Skype interview)
  • 5%: Forum participation

Guidance to start your business

Our HITuni Master Personal Trainer Qualification comes complete with a comprehensive Business and Marketing Module, featuring personal trainers and gym owners, who have many years experience of running successful fitness businesses.

This module focuses specifically on how to run a personal training or small studio fitness business and will be your blueprint to business success. Efficient business processes are simply explained for you to implement immediately, including how to:

  • Create a business plan
  • Manage your budget and accounts
  • Get insurance
  • Market your business online and offline
  • Advertise and sell effectively
  • Retain clients

You will have the ability to be as much of a business expert as a physical training expert and this will guide your success in the fitness industry. Your success, as a personal trainer, rests on truly understanding the science behind exercise and how to apply it to the individuals you work with, and it also rests on your interpersonal and business skills.

This module will also be available, as an add-on module to the HITuni Personal Trainers and the CPD Certified Trainers.

Custom training

Do you need a custom training programme tailored to your gym, gym chain or franchise operation? Working with you HITuni can adapt one of our existing courses or develop a bespoke course for your business that can be delivered either online through the HITuni website or in person. In person training can be as short as a half or full day seminar through to a comprehensive week long course. We design and deliver custom training programmes for organisations and individuals. We work with you to understand your needs and tailor our courses to you or your organisation.


Examples of custom training packages:

    1. A bespoke online course delivered through the HITuni platform.
    2. A week-long immersion into High Intensity Training for a group of trainers at a gym – including the science of HIT, practical application, evolutionary nutrition and role-playing exercises. Cost is dependent on the number of attendees and travel to your location.
    3. Two day training session for individuals on the practical application of High Intensity Training. We usually conduct this type of training at our facilities, in London and certify individuals on the practical application of HIT, with the option to specialise on the use of HITGYM AIO.
    4. Full day workshop on leading a balanced life, stress management, enhancing productivity, maximising your time, focus, exercise and nutrition for optimal health, boosting energy levels. Cost is dependent on the number of attendees and travel to your location.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


About HITuni

HITuni is the perfect platform, for learning and qualifying for those wishing to become Personal Trainers and fitness professionals. We specialise in High Intensity Training and we provide the best tools to our students to succeed in the fitness industry.

Why choose us

  • Affordable PT qualifications
  • In-depth knowledge of HIT
  • Business and marketing modules
  • Convenient course delivery
  • Forum and email support

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