A High Intensity Workout with James Steele

In the workout that follows, you will see James performing a High Intensity Workout. It is worthy of note that this was the first time that James trained on this equipment, therefore the loads for the exercises were kept somewhat conservative, hence the length of the sets. This is particularly true of the leg press […]


Sean’s High Intensity Workout Explained

In the HIT workout that follows you will see Sean performing exercises from his A Routine, the workout is performed on the HITGYM AIO by David Health Solutions. And so Sean begins starting the routine with a Lower Back movement. The primary targeted muscles are those of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Note Sean takes […]


Simon Shawcross sends a message: Time to HIT

Simon Shawcross, Master HIT Trainer and CEO of HITuni sends a message: the time for HIT is now. There is no need to waste hours a day or even hours a week at the gym to be optimally fit and healthy. With HIT 15-30 minutes a week of targeted exercise is all it takes to […]