12 Reasons Fitness Businesses Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeeds

Whether you are already a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, gym owner or are just now considering starting a fitness business, you will need to have a clear route to success. Having had just released our newest course, the Master Personal Trainer (MPT) course, which is packed with Business and Marketing content, it feels like the perfect time to […]


High Intensity Training: Can you do it without a Personal Trainer?

  The challenge factors of HIT CHALLENGE FACTOR ONE Performing each exercise in a given routine correctly and safely. CHALLENGE FACTOR TWO The motivation to push through to momentary muscular failure, whilst being able to maintain correct and safe performance. At its absolute essence, the above challenge factors are all that it takes to get the […]


When A Client Demonstrates Unsafe Exercise Performance

At HITuni, we encourage standards of exercise instruction and application that aim to minimize the risks of any injury occurring during exercise. These measures include: selecting biomechanically correct exercises suitable for the client; using appropriate equipment choices; and teaching the client to be in complete control of the load they are using throughout exercise (which […]


Becoming a Personal Trainer: Decisions, Decisions

You love exercise and you want a career helping others to get the most out of their body. You have decided that becoming a Personal Trainer is the way that you are going to do this. Where do you go from this decision? What do you need to enter the rewarding and lucrative personal training […]


What is a personal trainer?

In the broadest context a personal trainer is someone who offers as a service their expertise in exercise to clients. Clients choose to work with a personal trainer to get physical results more quickly, more efficiently, more effectively and more safely than if they were to attempt to train themselves. An additional component is that […]


The personal training landscape

Personal Training has become a competitive and lucrative career option over the last 25 years and is set to continue to grow by an expected 24% over the next 10 years. This is staggering growth, faster than average when compared with all other career categories. Not only is it one of the faster growing career […]