High Intensity Training: Can you do it without a Personal Trainer?

  The challenge factors of HIT CHALLENGE FACTOR ONE Performing each exercise in a given routine correctly and safely. CHALLENGE FACTOR TWO The motivation to push through to momentary muscular failure, whilst being able to maintain correct and safe performance. At its absolute essence, the above challenge factors are all that it takes to get the […]


Announcing the release of our Newest Course: CPD HIT

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest course CPD HIT: our Continuing Professional Development Certification in High Intensity Resistance Exercise. Keep reading to the bottom of the post to learn about our special summer offer on both of our available courses.   Who Is CPD HIT For? CPD HIT is primarily designed […]


Welcome to HITuni… once again!

We are very excited to announce that our first course – the Personal Trainer certification course – is available now.   James Steele, one of the first individuals to have seen both the course and the platform, said: But enough about the course – this post is not a sales pitch. For that you can […]