Learn the HIT way

High Intensity Strength Training is a system designed to maximise your fitness and physique with minimal time investment. It only requires performing five to ten exercises in twenty minutes, once or twice per week. It is the safest, most efficient and effective way to exercise.

Lead the change

High Intensity Strength Training has for the last 30 years been only a niche of the wider fitness industry. Now, popular media, books and research papers, all signal and stimulate an increase in the public awareness and popularity of HIT. There is a need and a growing demand for highly skilled HIT experts, the type HITuni will educate and certify.

Design your future

When working as a HIT personal trainer, you shape your career path. You choose how to train your clients; using free weights, body weight or exercise equipment at your studio, a gym or at the client’s location, all is possible with High Intensity Training. And because each workout is so time efficient, you choose how much or how little you want to work.


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When a college student or a young professional comes to our conference, I couldn’t be more excited about looking at them and saying ‘hey, this is the certification you need to do’.

Luke Carlson, founder and CEO of Discover Strength and Resistance Exercise Conference

I have spent the afternoon going through this module (Professionalism and Personal Training) and have been very impressed by the comprehensive introduction to the course, particularly around the governance and WHS aspects of running a business, I currently work in WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) regulation and thought the modules around risk management and your dealing with psycho-social risk were great!

Nigel Docker, HITuni Personal Trainer student

I’m hoping around, back-and-forth, to different parts of this, and skimming, and watching snippets of the videos, and I am absolutely blown away. This is really, really, great stuff. it seems as though you’ve knocked it out of the park!

Blair Wilson, HIT trainer and owner of MedX Precision Fitness

Listen to HIT experts

Simon Shawcross, HIT trainer and co-founder of HITuni

Doug McGuff, MD, Author of Body by Science

James Steele, Lecturer Applied Sport Science, SSU

James Fisher, Senior Lecturer Sports Conditioning & Fitness, SSU

Drew Baye, HIT Personal Trainer